API II Company History

Following the January 2008 decision by the owners of American Polymers Inc. (API) to cease operations of this privately held producer of polystyrene and plastics distributor, three key employees, Michael Skehan, Leo McCrann and Bill Ferrell joined forces with Rick Pyle, owner of Indiana Polymers Inc., to form API II, Inc. The partners in this new venture average over 30 years experience in the plastic industry and strive to provide value and service to both customers and suppliers. 

API II, Inc. emphasizes a private label branded product line with properties similar to what the former API customers were processing. Whether you are discussing an API II Branded product, a generic prime resin, a wide spec resin or regrind, your discussion is with an owner of API II, Inc. 

API II Mission Statement

API II, Inc. will be a responsible sales organization that will distribute resin and partner with suppliers and customers alike. We will assist our suppliers through approvals and purchases. We will work with our customers to help them achieve their goals. The success of our suppliers and customers will propel our growth.

The API II Partners

Michael J. Skehan

Executive VP-American Polymers Inc., Application Development Engineer, TS Representative-Borg-Warner Chemicals, Field Sales-Hammond Plastics, division of Carl Gordon Industries.

William J. Ferrell

Sales Manager-American Polymers Inc., Sales and Marketing Manager-Custom Molders Corp., District Manager-General Polymers, division of Ashland Chemical

Leo J. McCrann

VP Sales-American Polymers Inc., VP Sales-Albis North America, VP Sales-Hammond Plastics, division of Carl Gordon Industries.

Richard D. Pyle

President/Owner-Indiana Polymers Inc., District Manager-H. Muehlstein, Field Sales-Hammond Plastics, division of Carl Gordon Industries, Customer Service-Union Carbide Corp.